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Important collection comes to Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht

Jeanne and Charles Vandenhove Collection on view in Maastricht from 1 April 2007

The Bonnefantenmuseum and the Fondation Jeanne and Charles Vandenhove have reached an agreement on the long-term loan of an extensive collection of modern and contemporary art. The collection contains some 300 works of art the Vandenhoves have been collecting over the past 50 years. The architect Charles Vandenhove is based in Liège (B). Art plays an important role in all of his buildings. The majority of contributing artists are represented in the abovementioned collection.

The collection covers a number of key movements:
Ecole de Paris:
Including Alechinski, Bissière, Dotremont, Feito, Jorn, Manessier, Mathieu, Michaux, Saura, Vierra da Silva, Soulages, Ubac.
Pop Art:
Including Arakawa, César, Christo, Dine, Hantaï, Nevelson, Raynaud, Raysse, Warhol.
Including Kiefer, Nitsch, Rainer, Tapies, Twombly.
Including Barry, Becher, Boltanski, Buren, Cane, Charlier, Corillon, Flanagan, Gilbert & George, Lavier, LeWitt, Lizène, Paolini, Serra, Toroni, Viallat, Wery.
Latest Movements:
Including Claerbout, Gerdes, Tuymans, Vercruysse.

As of April 2007, various parts of the collection will be exhibited in the museum. In due course, the museum will also have space in the city of Liege at its disposal, to show Vandenhove’s work in the context of those artists represented in the collection. It concerns the so-called Hôtel Torrentius, built by the 16th-century Liège architect and painter Lambert Lombard and completely restored by Charles Vandenhove in 1978.

The Jeanne en Charles Vandenhove Foundation was created in December 2004, with the aim of presenting the works in the Vandenhove collection in relation to the path taken by, and the archives of, the architect Vandenhove. This was to be accomplished through exhibitions of contemporary art, architecture and design.

The Foundation is housed in the Torrentius Hotel in Liège. In the future, the building will owned to the Foundation. This prestigious building from the 16th century, completely restored by Charles Vandenhove, is the work of the Renaissance architect/painter Lambert Lombard.

In December 2006, the Foundation and the Bonnefantenmuseum agreed that the museum would take on the responsibility of looking after the collection and organising exhibitions, in accordance with the byelaws and objectives of the Vandenhove Foundation.

The architect Charles Vandenhove is the author of many prestigious buildings in Belgium and elsewhere. His most important buildings in Belgium are the Teaching Hospital of Liège University (1962-1987), the renovation of the Torentius Hotel (1978-1982) and the renovation of the Hors-Château district in Liège (1979-1985). His buildings in other countries include the Théâtre des Abbesses in Paris (1986-1996), the Koninklijke Schouwburg in The Hague (1990-1995), the Palace of Justice in ’s Hertogenbosch (1992-1997) and the Staargebouw in Maastricht (1988-1998). In 2007, work will start on a residential block for Vesteda, opposite the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht.

Art plays an important role in all the buildings. A great many of the artists involved are also represented in the present collection, such as Sol LeWitt, Loïc de Groumellec, Daniel Buren or Jean-Pierre Pincemin.

The first exhibition in the museum will be on show from 1 April 2007. There will be a small selection of photos by François Hers of the Vandenhove buildings built between 1967 and 1987. An extensive catalogue will accompany the exhibition. It is co-edited by the Bonnefantenmuseum and les Editions du Moniteur, Paris, with text by François Chaslin.

For further information please contact the press office of the Bonnefantenmuseum, Avenue Céramique 250, Postbus 1735, 6201 BS Maastricht.
Tel. +31 43 329 01 10
Fax +31 43 329 01 99
The Bonnefantenmuseum receives annual support from the Province of Limburg.

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